Hello world!


Well, here I am. Taking my first baby steps into the vast and wondrous “blogosphere.” What rewards this journey promises I won’t know until I actually start producing some things worth reading! In the meantime, please bear with me as I get the hang of this.

Here’s the idea: Having worked with and across a wide range of organizations, I’ve come to realize that one of the biggest things that well-meaning organizations are usually in dire need of (aside from adequate funding) is unsolicited support and/or publicity. There are thousands of small nonprofits and geniuses out there whose work remain under-recognized. For those that I encounter, I want to do whatever I can to bring them closer to their full potential, and this Psyched 4 Good blog will be one of the various tools that I’ll use to do that.

At least once a month, and more often if possible, I will research, interview, and write about a different organization, individual, movement or idea that I think is worth sharing with the world. My first series of posts for the next month will focus on my recent experiences in Haiti with the amazing Hôpital Albert Schweitzer Haiti. I was so inspired by the organization’s history and work that I’ll be dedicating my upcoming 25th birthday to fundraising for them.

Some backstory about Psyched 4 Good:
photoExactly a year ago, Psyched 4 Good materialized in its first form as a Facebook group. I was working in Hong Kong as the Director of International Relations at the Heroic Imagination Project, designing and teaching programs based on social psychology research, in the effort to train people there and around the world to be “everyday heroes.”

My work was about taking many of the powerful lessons that usually don’t leave academia, and applying them to practical situations for everyday people. It was fascinating and fulfilling work, and I saw tremendous potential for psychology to be a catalyst for other kinds of positive change, especially in bringing people together from different walks of life.

Thus, I started Psyched 4 Good as a “community forum” – a place where nonprofit leaders, social entrepreneurs, students, volunteers, and any other people with good in their hearts to come together, share ideas, and support each others’ endeavors. Our monthly meetings would each feature a different set of speakers and activities, and this would be supplemented by constant communication on our Facebook page.

It was an amazing experience, but I couldn’t continue in the same way after I left Hong Kong in August, 2014. However, now that I’ve found the next evolution, I couldn’t be more excited! I hope you’re psyched for what’s to come!

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